School Optical Network

u Features: 

  • Fiber-to-the-Classroom Solution
  • High bandwidth 1 Gbps/ 10 Gbps / 40 Gbps per node
  • Terabit (Tbps) Optical Backbone
  • Concurrent Multi-services (e.g. internet, HD campus TV etc.)
  • Support Massive WiFi network
  • Dedicated Private Network (e.g. SAMS)
  • Ultimate medium for communication
  • Compatible with copper networks
  • No intermediated switches and power supply required
  • Centralized network management and bandwidth control
  • In service scalability and upgrading
  • Ease of deployment and maintenance
  • Easy re-configuration and relocation of servers
  • Leaflet Download

u Application for New Era of Quality Teaching: 

  • Real-time HD 1080p live broadcast
  • HD Multi-media digital library
  • HD campus TV
  • Distant learning and activities
  • E-learning with HD media
  • Cloud or Virualization application
  • Whole school WiFi network (each node support 40+ users)
  • HD surveillance and classroom monitoring
  • Ultra fast file transfer

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