Case Studies

Category I: Large Scale Metro/Access Network Solutions for Regional or Global Telecos and Carriers

        1. FTTH,FTTB and FTTC network deployment
        2. Upgrading existing xDSL networks
        3. Upgrading Cable TV networks
        4. Upgrading or integrating existing PONs technologies: APON, BPON, EPON/GEPON, GPON and XGPON
        5. Network coverage extension in urban or rural areas
        6. Core Switching Network


Category II: Medium Scale Access Networks for Service Providers Globally

        1. Multiservice Networks for E1/E3 (2G mobile), FE/GE (3G/4G/LTE/WiMAX mobile) and Internet
        2. Railway Networks
        3. Airport Networks
        4. University / Institution Campus Networks
        5. Traffic / Road Monitoring Networks
        6. Secure Military Networks


Category III: In-Building Distribution Network or Local Area Network

        1. Government Building
        2. Hospital
        3. Commercial Building / Complex
        4. Hotel
        5. Shopping Mall
        6. Convention Center / Stadium
        7. Industrial Center / Factory
        8. School / College
        9. Residential Estate / New Properties